Dear Members,

The Governor Announced Shelter in Place excluding construction projects. Also, we cover Wisconsin territory which does not fall under the Illinois order. If the end user/owner decides to shut the job down that is their prerogative.

Things are pretty fluid in the country with the COVID-19 Pandemic and these are unprecedented times we are in and it is likely to be this way for a period of time. This will affect us all in ways we haven’t quite wrapped our heads around. At this time, we will be operating as normal. The one thing I ask is that if you can limit personal interaction at the hall and handle dues and death benefits over the phone or internet if possible. I am aware some still need to take care of business in person, which is no problem. We should all do our best to adhere to the county, state, and federal requirements as best as we can.

As it stands right now operations will be as follows:

  • Dispatch is still open 6am to 8am
  • Office is still operational 8am to 4pm (I am here later usually if need be)
  • Try and utilize the internet for dues and over the phone when possible to maximize Social Distancing. If you do need to handle things personally, of course we will be here for you.
  • Apprentice Classes are canceled until further notice.
  • April’s General Meeting is still on for now. We will update as it gets closer.
  • My phone is always on, so don’t hesitate to call with questions.

Should the State or Federal Government mandate other restrictions and we will evaluate what is required and make adjustment needed. I will try and keep you all up to date on what I hear that is confirmed to happen.

As always use best practices wash your hands regularly and practice Social Distancing when possible. Act as if you have it and don’t want to give it to anyone.

Everyone be safe out there, we will get through this.

In solidarity,


Governor Pritzker Announcement and what it means for us.