From the Business Manager:

Dear Members,

Sorry it’s been so long since
we’ve updated you.  Seems like we haven’t
had time to catch our breath since we had the flood here.

It was certainly good to see
everyone at our Grand Re-Opening we held. 
Although we were close to maximum capacity, I would’ve liked to have
seen more of the working members.  It’s
always great to see the retirees and reminisce about the “good ole days”.  Those stories keep getting better every time
we tell them.  LOL

Work has been pretty doggone
good for quite a while now.  We had the
big hospital (MERCY) start late last year. 
Harris-Davis did the rods with our excellent rod-busters, Area did an
awesome job erecting the structural (as always), and we’ve got an excellent
Ironworker-friendly company doing the curtainwall (Crown Corr).  When you have a 500 million dollar project
that gets built with NO problems, that sure says a lot about the value of Union

As of right now, the Alliant
Energy project is in full swing and it’s off to a fabulous start as well.  AECOM (the GC) is doing the bulk of the rebar
themselves.  They started out to just do
some of the little preparatory work, but our guys did such a great job, AECOM
took back a lot of work from their rebar sub (SPE, who is also doing a great
job).  Steel is scheduled to start
towards the end of this year.  Boldt will
be doing the main building on that.

Other projects are in the works
and it looks like we’ll be seeing some exciting times ahead.

I hope everyone has a safe
and fun summer.  Talk soon.




From the President/Organizer:

Dear Members,I know it has
been a while for the Connector. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the
summer.  Work has been pretty good for
Local 498, but that also means the Non-union will be picking up. I am out
trying to reach out to the unrepresented workers that may be interested in
becoming union Ironworkers.  Many are
reluctant to even tell me their names. I will keep reaching out. We are
currently picketing Bob Wilcox Construction on a small addition in Sterling on LeFevre
Rd.  Precision Building Solutions and
Caliber Construction are also doing some work in Delavan.

Classes will be starting in
the middle of August for the apprentices, which means the shop will be opened
in the evenings (M-Th) for JIW’s who want to practice welding and get
recertified. That is just one more tool in the toolbox for getting work.
Welding classes will be Mondays and Wednesdays, so the instructors will be
there those days.  If you need to weld
test for IL or WI, let either Dean, Penny, or myself know.  We will schedule a date if we have a couple
who are interested. Dean may also be able to schedule a re-cert on a weekday
evening if his schedule will allow.  We
will also be having an OSHA 30 class in Oct/Nov for those who want to get current
on that. First Aid and CPR will available end of Sept or beginning Oct. Let me
know if you are interested.I would like to give a big congratulation to Craig
Nenneman who completed the Instructor certification program for Local 498 at
the Ironworker Instructor Training Program in Ann Arbor, MI. He is our second
Certified Instructor currently teaching our apprentices. I would also like to
welcome Noel Glastetter and Josh Johnston as new instructors to the program.

In addition, I have some
other news regarding Health and Welfare. When we merged with Tri-State, we had
to cover projected deficiencies because our reserves did not fill the funding
gap for our plan to fully merge with Tri-State based on our projected hours. I
am happy to report on July 14th at the last Tri-State Meeting I
found out our hours were higher than anticipated and we have covered our
deficiency early. The amount to cover the deficiency was .32 cents of the
12.27; therefore, the .32 cents will now move to your HRA account. That means
instead of .35 cents per hour going to it, you will have .67 cents per hour. At
our next contract (May 31, 2018), you can change this and move the .32 cents
somewhere else if the body chooses to. 
Keep in mind this .32 cents along with the .35 cents are non-taxable and
can be used for any medical including orthodontics, dental, vison, deductibles,
and self pays for you or your dependents.

Just a reminder that this
year is our election on October 7th from 2pm to 8pm. All positions
are open for election:

Business Manager/Financial Secretary-Treasurer            
Recording Secretary              Vice President          5 Executive Board Members    2 Pension Trustees                3 Union Trustees       
Sargent at Arms                   3 Examining Committee Members


There will also be 3 Judges
of Elections elected on nomination night who cannot be on the ballot for this

All members running must be
in good standing and have not been late on dues 24 months prior to nominations
as determined by the International.

Nomination Meeting
Notification will be sent out giving date and time.



From the Office Manager:

With deepest sympathy, I regret to
inform you we have had three members pass away since the last Connector.

John Mc Carty 6/1/2017 –  Robert Brown 7/1/2017 –  Roger Nass 7/19/2017

Only Robert Brown was a member of the death benefit



Local 498 Calendar                                             

August 15th – Regular Member Meeting

September 4th – Annual Rockford Labor Day Parade

September 19th – Regular Member Meeting

October 17th – Regular Member Meeting

November 21st – Regular Member Meeting

November 23rd & 24th

December 19th – Regular Member Meeting

December 25th – Christmas



Reminder, the Executive Board
meetings are held on the third Tuesday of every month.  The retirees’ meeting is the second Tuesday
of each month at 8:00 a.m. at the Alpine View Restaurant (Charles St. and
Alpine) in Rockford.  Contact Ralph
Pedersen – 815/234-8163.

July 2017