The latest Connector is out and there has been some significant chnages! We still don’t have a complete handle on the changes but we are working on getting it done. As you likely have heard Local 393’s Charter was revoked. Local 498 has picked up some of there territory and mmebers. Just a reminder we could have been here not that long ago, so have some empathy for ALL the the 393 members that are now part of 498 and scattered within our council as you work with them.

We are also in the mioddle of a Suplimental Short Term and Long Term Disablity opion for our member, see the attached flyer. Remember we need 20% participation for this to happen.

The Connector is HERE.

The new jurisdictional map is HERE.

Current Wage and Benefit Structure through May 31, 2022



The January, which turned into the February Connector is out!!