I have attached a link to a communication that you will receive from us regarding potential changes in how apprentice programs are governed. You may also have received mailers and read about it in the Ironworker Magazine. They are looking for letters from our membership on the benefits of being in or graduating from a real apprentice program, not some watered down version they would like to change it to. The end result will make it harder for us to compete with the nonunion more than ever.

We are looking for responses from all members including retirees who have seen the most changes in our industry.


You can download the comment form and drop it off or mail it to us or come down to the hall and fill it out personally. The other option is to directly email you response to us and we will scan it and send it to the International, which is what they are requiring of us of all the communication we receive on this. The deadline for commenting is August 26th, so please don’t delay.

IRAP Comment Form if you chose to hand write it.

Email your response to [email protected]

  • Subject line should say IRAP RIN 1205-AB85.
  • Tell your story on what being part of the certified apprentice program meant or did for you. How the apprentice program changed your life. How you got in, how safe the workplace is, the structured training, and your rights at work. How allowing lower standard IRAPs in the construction Industry would hurt ironworkers like you. Also, you must make sure you address the fact that you believe the construction Industry should be exempt from the IRAP requirements.
  • Your name, city, state, book number, and date need to be on it as well

Please if you have questions let us know.

It is imperative we attack this and keep it positive on what the apprentice program means for you and your family.


Your Union and the International needs you to ACT!