Another ‪‎Dollar General‬ going up Rat with an outfit from Missouri, Canyon Concrete. We are doing what we have to do. Unfortunately the ‪Dollar Generals‬ around here seem to always be bad. This particular one is relatively small, a one day set. If you look in the back corner of the picture that beam has been on the straps for 45 mins, and this is their 4th day setting. Not sure where Dollar General is saving money. On top of that a local townie had to spew his nonsense of our guys not knowing how to work. All he had to do was watch the non-union stumble around with one piece for almost an hour. He must be accepting of keeping the locals citizens in the area NOT working so some outfit from MO can come in and take the work. Then on top of it  Dollar General expects the locals to spend their money in there business. Don’t Patronize #DollarGeneral they don’t hire local labor. Thanks John Wheeler, Ray Beardin, and Jason Archer for picketing.

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