I know our International has endorsed Hillary for President and I can understand their position, but the rank an file are overwhelmingly supporting Bernie with his lofty goals. One thing is clear the people want REAL change which is why Bernie and Trump are the so popular among the rank and file.

If Hillary is the nominee, no matter how much you dislike her she has been good to labor overall and will be hands down better for labor than the other side of the isle by a wide margin. By not voting this election you are giving your vote to the anti labor candidate. We have seen the result of that all around us including this state. That has all been a result of labors apathy or just willful ignorance of what will keep them making a reasonable living in America. Remember making a reasonable living will give you the freedom to fight the other issues that are passionate to you.

One thing is for sure Trump is a businessman FIRST and he will not be good for labor and how you earn a paycheck union or non-union. Every Governor that came from business has been devastating to anyone who works for a living. Government can’t be run the same way a business can nor should it be just look at Flint, MI. And after all that came to light Republican controlled Congress tried passing a bill the made it harder for EPA to protect citizens of this country from more Flint, MI type problems. The Republicans at the Federal don’t care about people who work for a living, not in the least. Trump will be good for Trump only!

Primaries coming. March 15