From the Business Manager:
Dear Members,
As you know, things are still slow here in Rockford.  Believe me I’m as frustrated as many of you are.  When things do start to go we’ll probably be short on help.
I have many of you on the July call for Chrysler (a good two week shutdown) and I’m hoping that by the time that’s finished (July 18) other work will be plentiful.
Jobs starting sometime soon are the hangars at the airport, a sizable grocery store in Janesville as well as a couple of factory/warehouse jobs up there.  There’s talk of a St. Anthony’s addition and some decent jobs downtown in Rockford getting ready to start. I’ll let you know more when I know more.  Hang in there.

From the President/Organizer:
Dear Members:
Our new website is up and running I hope everyone likes it. The website will detect whether you are on a computer, phone, or tablet and will scale accordingly.  It is designed to be simple for members and contractors. Soon, there will be a calendar on the site with important union information on what is going on. Let me know what you think of it.  I am hopeful the meeting turn outs will continue to be good it is always great to see everyone.
Arning Canopy was in Byron at the new Casey’s and we had a couple guys there working. They did a stellar job, so much so the guy running it wanted to take them down state but it was a non-union job.  There will be another Casey’s going up in Lanark soon as well.  The Freeport Pot Farm fencing went to Dach Fence after some conversations with the GC.  It appears Building Systems will be using Harvard Crane in Genoa at Custom Aluminum for a building addition.  Mellum is at Johnson Tractor in Juda doing a metal building. It does appear that work is going to be picking up, though it is a shame that it won’t be starting until middle of summer. This is affecting all trades. There seems to be a fair amount of work coming according to what I have been hearing.
Since there are no classes in the summer the weld shop will be opened during dispatch hours if journeyman and apprentices would like to practice. There is no scheduled weld test, but if there is enough interest we can schedule something. Let Dean, Me, or Eva know if you need to test. We will be offering a boom lift training class to get certified once I get a couple instructors qualified.  
Shout out to Dean, who had the apprentices in for make-up time and cleaned the shop, back area, tool crib, and made a rebar rack.  Great job fellas!
Reminder to the Apprentices: Work reports are DUE the 10th of the month even in the summer when there are no classes. You all should know this by now, NO EXCUSES.


The new website (old) address is It has become new and improved to help you get the information you need and more easily send emails to the office.  Michael Laskonis of Sketch is the web designer and he has done a spectacular job redesigning the logo and yet keeping the basic design of the one we’ve had and updating our website to give you the information you need at the click of a mouse. Please look it over and give us your feedback.  

The newsletter will be available without the need of a login or password and any fund contact information is readily available.  If you need to change information for Health & Welfare the form is available for you at that tab.  If traveler’s need reciprocity forms they are available there as well.

The calendar will be updated as events require.  As we receive information for the membership it will be posted on the calendar portion of the website.  We hope this will be informational and easy to use.  Let us know what you think.

Deductions –
Defense Fund $0.84
Bldg. trades $0.06
Wkg. Assmnts. 4%-gross
Bldg. Fund $0.15
Pac Fund $0.05

The new wage rates that went into effect on June 1st are as follows:

Wages – $36.29 Project First Rate – $0.05
Local 498 Pension – $12.85 NIBC-IAP – $0.10
Health & Welfare – $10.24 IMPACT – $0.26
Mid-America Pension –  $4.88 IW #498 Training – $0.50
Mid-America DC/SMA –  $5.46 Total Package –            $70.63

Health & Welfare Issues
On June 1, 2014, Zenith Health Solutions assumed the role as TPA for our Health & Welfare.  Since we have had some issues we find it necessary to remind everyone that a process needs to be followed before the hall can get involved.  We want to assist in every way possible to get resolution but the following steps must be taken first.
Please be sure that your provider has the current billing information for Zenith.  Have them contact Zenith at 855/498-0498 to verify claim submission.
Depending on your health care needs please pre-cert as directed on the back of your medical card.
Prescription meds seem to have issues and again please follow up with customer service at 855/498-0498.
When you call customer service please note who you talked with, date and time.  This is necessary to track your attempts if follow up help is needed.
If you are receiving EOB’s that are questionable call customer service and have them explain their rationale if not understanding the reasons please let us know.
If a medical invoice has not been paid and you are receiving statements, follow up with customer service and if not resolved please let us know.
We want this relationship to work and if issues are not resolved it can’t. They are there for your benefit and your concerns will be addressed.

Local 498 Calendar
June 16th – Member Meeting
July 4th – Independence Day
July 21st – Member Meeting
August 18th – Member Meeting
September 7th – Labor Day
September 15th – Member Meeting
October 20th – Member Meeting
November 17th – Member Meeting
November 26th & 27th – Thanksgiving
December 15th – Member Meeting
December 25th – Christmas

Reminder, the Executive Board meetings are held on the third Tuesday of every month.  The retirees’ meeting is the second Tuesday of each month at 8:00 a.m. at the Alpine View Restaurant (Charles St. and Alpine) in Rockford.  Contact Ralph Pedersen – 815/234-8163.

June 2015