Wage & Benefits information for Local 498.

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The tabs below show what is earned by an apprentice ironworker, journeyman ironworker, and foreman for ironworkers. It also shows the breakdown of benefits paid by the contractors on your behalf. This information is also located in the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). The Worker Authorization Form is for the deductions to the local as per our CBA.

Your future is our future.

The Benefits Reporting Form is very useful for contractors to fill out when doing the end-of-the-month benefits checks. It is in a downloadable Excel Spreadsheet and calculates the amounts based on hours and rates for your employees. Tabs at bottom of the spreadsheet for Main Zone Package, Main Zone Fence, Precast, Interior and Solar Racking package, East Zone Package, East Zone Fence, Precast, Interior and Solar Racking package.

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The Collectively Bargained work is an agreement between our union contractors and the ironworkers union. Its period is between June 1 of the current year through May 31st of the following year which it may change come June 1st depending on negotiations.